Young Adults (ages 18+) are invited to participate.  This trip is not for youth under 18.

Individuals register on their own.  There are resources for Ministry Group Leaders to promote the pilgrimage to their members.  This pilgrimage will be multiple groups and individuals making up one diocesan contengent.   

NOTE: All US Citizens will need a US Passport.  If you are not from the US, contact Faith Journeys for information to determine if you need a special visa.


Faith Journeys: Travel Coordinator

Faith Journeys administrates all registrations, payments, airfare and hotel reservations,  WYD registration, transportation arrangements, meals, and travel insurance protection plans.  Please see the Brochure for all details and terms and conditions set forth by Faith Journeys. 

All items on this website has been directly taken from the official brochure prepared for Catholics in the Diocese of Dallas.  Any discrepancies on this site different from the brochure should refer to the brochure for accurate and complete detail.

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